1. Promoting Tourism on the Hill

a. With Tourism flourishing in India, Govt. wants PLACES LIKE SHIKHARJI TO BE DEVELOPED AS TOURIST DESTINATION. However, this will be at the cost of piousness of the Hill.
b. Once the tourism kick-starts, to support tourism there will be hotel chains and motels coming into place.
c. This will in turn pave entry for alcohol, non-veg, prostitution, gambling, adultery and many more social evils.
d. It would provide a catalyst for establishment of meat shops, non-veg restaurants, bars, pubs to cater the influx of non-religious tourists.
e. As a by-product these will transpire into over-consumption of natural resources thus leaving the locals and pilgrims with scarcity thereof. The locals and pilgrims will have to face the increase in cost of living and cost of pilgrimage.
f. Through the course, the pollution of the entire surroundings will increase.
g. Consequently, this shall not only affect the social life of people adversely but also damage the environment and sanctity of the Hill.

2. Third Party’s New Rights Creation & Encroachment on the Hill

a. Govt. has also taken steps which will create rights for a local tribal community which will make it compulsory for Jains to share their pious land.
b. The Government is flaring up the naïve tribals and may get Jains into confrontation with them by SANCTIONING THEM TEMPLE OF THEIR DEITY, MARAND BURU, on the pious Shikharji Hill.
c. This encroachment will not only clear up the way for activities such as HUNTING AND NON-VEG on larger scale in times to come which are against Jain tenets but will aid the in getting Govt. votes from this tribal community. This way Govt. intends to create sympathy with a mask that it cares for tribals and secure more votes.
d. Jains will have to bear all the activities on their own tirthbhoomi which are carried out by that local tribal community and which are against belief of Jainism.

3. Heritage of Jainism

a. Shikharji is the most invaluable and pious tirthbhoomi of Jains created due to Nirwan (Salvation) of Tirthankaras and infinite saints.

b. This holy tirth has been worshiped since time immemorial and has been securely passed on to our generation from our ancestors.

c. There have been several instances where our ancestors have put blood, sweat and tears and have strived to protect this tirth against all odds.

d. If not protected now, we will lose this important avenue of salvation thus facing an irreparable loss forever.

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