Each religion has its own supreme place of worship and pilgrimage where devotees flock together to experience spirituality and tranquillity. Mecca Madina, Ram Janmabhoomi, Jerusalem, Golden Temple and Vatican are a few sacred places to name where followers do not have an alternative such place of worship.

Likewise, the nirwanbhoomi of 20 Tirthankaras, entire Shikarji Giriraj is a pivotal place of worship for Jains. Pilgrimage of this holy land is considered sacred and inevitable. Recreation of such a pious nirwanbhoomi (soil where Tirthankaras attained salvation) is impossible in the due course of time due to the absence of Tirthankaras.

As stated in the Jain scriptures, the shrines on the Shirkarji, mountain derives its importance from Shikharji Hill. Shikharji as a Hill is being worshiped since time immemorial as a pious place. The entire Jain community is connected with this holy land by faith and hence has given innumerable sacrifices for this tirth in the past. Therefore, Shikharji is an integral and inseparable part of the Jain religion.

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