Section 3 Of Blr Act Bihar Land Reforms Act, 1950

Section 3 – Notification vesting an estate or tenure in the State

(1) The State Government may from time to time, by notification, declare that the estates or tenures of a proprietor or tenure-holder, specified in the notification, have passed to and become vested in the State.

(2) The notification referred to in sub-section (1) shall be published in the Official Gazette. A copy of such notification shall be sent by registered post, with acknowledgment due, to the proprietor of the estate recorded in the general register of revenue-paying or revenue-free lands maintained under the Land Registration Act, 1876 (Ben, Act 7 of 1876)5 or in case where the estate is not entered in any such registers and in the case of tenure-holders to the proprietor of the estate or to the tenure-holder of the tenure if the Collector is in possession of a list of such proprietors or tenure-holders together with their addresses, and such posting shall be deemed to be sufficient service of the notification on such proprietor or, where such notification is sent by post to the tenure-holder, on such tenure-holder for the purposes of this Act.

(3) The publication 3 of such notification. 4 shall be conclusive evidence of the notice of the declaration to such proprietors or tenure-holder whose interests are affected by the notification.

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